Sparkling cider

Bulle de Neige Rosé

Bronze, National Wine Awards of Canada 2017

«/.../has taken Geneva Crabapples and used a traditional méthode champenoise to make the elegant and sophisticated cider Bulle Rosé. Aged for a minimum of nine months on the lees, it has great balance with flavors of mandarin orange and melon, and a round subtle yeastiness is followed by a hint of complex funk.»

Fine bubbles, fresh and clean.
Brut (dry)
Pomegranate with a beautiful bitterness. Tannic, refreshing.

Autumn harvest: 100 % Geneva.
Handpicked apples.

6 % alc./vol.
Dosed with Neige Première ice cider.
Gluten et vegan.

Old pink, light. Sparkling aspect.

Rhubarb, cranberry and strawberry.

6°C Serve cold in a champagne glass.
Drink now.

Ideal to open the appetite! Perfect at the brunch or to accompany fresh fruits - like strawberries & carambolas - and shellfish.

Format: 750 ml Limited edition (2014): 7071 bottles.

Bulle de Neige Rosé is a brut sparkling cider made from fresh handpicked Geneva apples. This pink festive and natural cider is produced using the Traditional Method (second fermentation in the bottle).

We need one full year to make Bulle de Neige Rosé. From our handpicked apples to pressing apples, from first fermentation in tank to a second fermentation in the bottle followed by aging on yeasts for 9 months, to finally being disgorged and dosed with our Neige Première ice cider.

Bulle de Neige Rosé's pink color comes direcly from the Geneva apple which flesh is pink.

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