Natural sweet cider


Gold medal 2016

Available in grocers and cidery only.

Delicate. apple, pear, apricot.

Autumn harvest: McIntosh (apple known for its sweet and tart taste) and Spartan (very sweet apple with a slight pear flavour).

6,9 % alc./vol.
Gluten-free and vegan.

Nice yellow with light reflections.

Fruity. Apple, pear.

Serve cold in a wine type of glass.
Ready to serve. Once opened, up to 15 days.

Perfect as an aperitif or to accompany a cheese platter and desserts.

Have it with an apple pie...

Format: 375 ml

Frimas is a sweet cider produced since 2013 at the cidery Domaine Neige, a pioneer in the developement of Ice Cider. Frimas is almost the same as an Ice Cider but, less concentrated.

It really is the same process as for Ice Cider but, lighter. In the Fall, very ripe apples are handpicked and stored at cool temperatures until the end of December. Once winter arrives, the fruit is pressed and the juice obtained is placed outside in the intense January cold. During crystallization, the water separates from the sugars by natural cryoconcentration. After few days of intense cold, concentrated must, representing 45% of the initial quantity of juice, is collected by gravity. The extracted must is then placed in stainless steel tanks where it ferments at least six months at low temperatures before being bottled.

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