«Made from the water used in the process of making their ice wine, Gin de Neige is derived from Quebec’s coldest winters, making it a one of a kind gin».

Blair Dohey, Day Jobs & the Night Life, Nov. 15, 2015.


«There’s a new gin in town, folks and it is good. /.../ If you know the company, La Face Cachée de la Pomme, you know them for their delicious high-end ice ciders, but after a few years of trial and error, they have come up with something truly spectacular./.../ I recommend it to no end, now if you will excuse me, I am getting a little thirsty».

Angela Potvin, Montreal Rampage, November 12, 2015.


«It’s gins like this that have led to another specifically Montreal trend: the consumption of gin neat – that is, on its own,/.../ To savour /.../ Neige’s apple, neat is exactly the way you want to drink it.»

Bert Archer, Billy, August 2016.

Refined with an amazing silky finish.

Elaborated from 100% canadian grains and assembled with the apple water recovered from the production of Neige Ice Cider

43 % alc./vol.
gluten-free (following distillation) and vegan.

Clear with very light yellow glow.

Very delicate.
Apple, conifer tree and bark from the boreal forest.

Serve cold or on ice.

Format: 500 ml Made in small batch.

The gin from Québec’s cold winter.

Gin de Neige is made with apple water recovered from our Ice Cider production and flavoured with a drop of Ice Cider Neige.

Distilled from 100% Canadian grains, Gin de Neige reveals its refined and unique taste from a selection of seasoning and wild herbs, all from Quebec. We infuse and distil juniper berries, melilot, white spruce and lichen.

This new flavoured spirit is truly exceptional because it is also assembled with apple water that was recovered from the production of Neige Ice Cider. At the end, we add a drop of Ice Cider Neige for the spirit!

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