Ice Cider

Neige Réserve

GOLD at NYIBC Awards 2018

“This new, high-end cuvée of apple ice wine, brilliantly crafted by François Pouliot, is midway between the delectable Neige and the magnificent Frimas (Neige Winter harvest)…”

François Chartier, La Sélection Chartier 2006


100 Overall
«/.../can it go better than this? Lovely yellow flavour, cinnamon, sweet pink candy. At the backend, a modest acidity. This is well made, great product. The mouthfeel at his best. Ice cider to be king!», Borgerhout, Belgium - Mar 21, 2015

It's crisp with a powerful attack. We find maple, Granny Smith apple and peach.

Autumn harvest 2012. Blend of handpicked apples: Honey Crisp, Russet & Northern spy.
Fermentation in oak barrels (12 months).

12,8 % alc./vol.
Gluten-free and vegan.

Amber color with old golden shine.

Smoked notes. cocoa, beeswax, nuts and spruce.

8°C. Use decanter. Serve cold.

Excellente with a cheese platter, foie gras and dark chocolate.

Have it with an apple pie...

Try it as a granita!


200 ml (2604 bottles)

375 ml (4945 bottles)

Produced since 1994, Neige is the leading inspiration of the cidery Domaine Neige. It was the very first Ice Cider to be commercialized in Québec and throughout the world. Neige Reserve is a special version offered in limited edition series.

In the fall, very ripe apples are handpicked and stored at cool temperatures until the end of December. Once winter arrives, the fruit is pressed and the juice obtained is placed outside in the intense January cold. During crystallization, the water separates from the sugars by natural cryoconcentration. After few days of intense cold, concentrated must, representing 1/5 of the initial quantity of juice, is collected by gravity. The must is then placed in oak barrels where it ferments for at least eight months at low temperatures. Raised on lees for 4 months in barrels, it was then assembled and bottled.

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