Ice Cider

Neige Winter harvest

46 awards

“/.../ the ultimate in Ice Cider /.../ This prestigious vintage (2007) has a vivid nose and is equally smooth and stylish… Obama style (!)”

François Chartier, « Comment recevoir la visite présidentielle ? », La Presse, 31 janvier 2009.


«One of the first winter harvest Cidres de Glace, and one of the very best. The aroma has less apple than its counterpart, but is richer and fruitier. On the palate, it’s smooth, mature, spirituous, with hints of dates and figs.»

Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw, World's Best Cider, 2013.


«The flavour density is stunning, the complexity is joyful, and the balance is sublime. Caramelized apples, cobbler crust, subtle spices, nuances of Sauternes, sticky but with a tannic acidity that lifts the palate and pulls you back like a hummingbird to honeysuckle. This is not overrated». DuffMan, Canada, Dec. 2014.

«It’s one of my biggest wants. Pours totally clear gold, glowing. Rich, juicy apple aroma with hints of flowers, honeysuckle, hints of lemon, caramel. Big sweet flavor with thick and saucy apples, hints of smoke, ripe apples, some caramel. Full bodied, chewy and oily. Warming finish, more ripe apples, honey, more smokiness, some berries. Outstanding. Ice cider just does it for me». Leighton - England - Mar 6, 2015.

Rich and unctuous. Yellow fruits, candied citrus fruits and rasberry.

Winter harvest 2012. Blend of handpicked apples: Fuji, Pouliot, Golden Russet, Honey Gold & Primavera.

12,5 % alc./vol.
Gluten and vegan.

Lightly orange shimmers with coppery reflections. Persistent tears.

Exotic fruits, apricot and squash.

6°C, Serve cold.
Ready to serve, it has excellent aging potential and can be enjoyed for many years (between 2013 and 2024).

A dessert in itself! Amazing with foie gras, a cheese platter, ice cream and sorbets.

Have it with an apple pie...

Try it as a granita!

Format: 375 ml
Limited edition: 9 574 bottles

Neige Winter harvest is an Ice Cider solely produced from a variety of apples that do not fall during the autumn season in Québec.

Handpicked between December 2012 and February 2013, while the temperature was approximately -15°C, the fruits still hanging on trees were dehydrated by the sun and literally cooked by the cold and wind. Sugars were concentrated through natural cryoextraction. Frozen apples were then pressed in order to extract the precious nectar. The extracted must was then placed in stainless steel tanks where it fermented for a period of approximately eight months, at low temperatures, before being bottled.

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