Crackling cider


Prix du public Desjardins 2016

«Pale gold, little bubbles. Semi sweet McIntosh aroma, light and dry. The taste is about the same, fairly flavorful, nice juicy finish. A rare and solid crackling cider - Qc, CA - Oct. 18, 2015.


«Not many diners do a burger as delicious as Chez Tousignant’s, for instance. /.../A terrific accompaniment: a can of the refreshing Quebec cider called Smac!»

Chris Nuttall-Smith, Where to eat in Montreal, The Globe and Mail,24 mai 2016.


«Jazz the aperitif
/.../ The new “Smac” is a delicious option to replace beer. It is semi-sparkling and refreshing. So much, one believes to crunch in a juicy McIntosh apple. The drink is not to sweet and it contains only 5,5% of alcohol. Its packing will make you talk undoubtedly.»

Karyne Duplessis Piché, «10 vins pour le printemps», Châtelaine, March 24 2016.

Fresh apple. Refreshing

Autumn harvest: 100% McIntosh.

5.5% alc. /vol.
Gluten-free and vegan.

Delicate yellow.

McIntosh apple.

Serve cold, as is or, pour in a glass filled with ice.

Nice to drink at the end of the day, by the pool or going away with friends. Great to pair with a burger, your grill-cheese or with a potage parmentier.
Try it as a cocktail:
- St-Jean's cocktail
- Smac a Gin
- Neige Chic

Format: 355 ml can, comes in 4pack.
Easy to carry.

SMAC! cider is the new thirst cider of Domaine Neige cidery.
Offered in a can, this cider is 100% made from McIntosh apples from Québec. Smac! is crackling, ultra refreshing, lively and light.

The design of our Smac! follows the product: simple & true.

This cider is made from fresh apple juice pressed at the cidery. We only use McIntosh apple from Quebec. All apples are handpicked. Smac! is entirely elaborated and canned at the estate of Domaine Neige.

Smac! is naturally gluten free. like all our ciders.

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